Liquor Licensing Requirements That You Need To Follow As A Business Owner

Liquor Licensing Requirements That You Need To Follow As A Business Owner

Liquor Licensing Requirements That You Need To Follow As A Business Owner

26 August 2019
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If you have had your eyes on some prime real estate that would be suitable for the restaurant that you would like to open, you may be inclined to seek a liquor license if you plan on selling beer, wine, and spirits. Familiarize yourself with who to contact to obtain the proper licensing and learn the steps necessary to be deemed eligible to legally sell the alcoholic beverages that you have selected.

Alcohol Laws Vary

It isn't a simple process to obtain a liquor license, since laws may be different in each jurisdiction. There is an agency that is referred to as the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC). Through this agency, you will learn about the laws that must be upheld in the town where your business is located, the paperwork that must be turned in to receive a license, the waiting period that you will experience before receiving a license, and the fees that must be satisfied.

Some states only allow alcohol to be served on specific days and during set hours. Others have laws that stipulate the type and amount of alcohol that can be sold, depending upon the establishment type and size.

For these reasons, your first duty is to prepare an outline that covers the type of establishment that you plan on opening. The outline should describe the varieties of alcohol that you wish to sell and should state whether or not you are going to be serving alcohol solely on the premises or will allow your patrons to purchase products that they can bring home with them. This information needs to be turned in to the ABC agency, and it will pinpoint the exact type of license that you will need in your possession.

Your Plans May Be Put On Hold

After purchasing property, paying zoning fees and permits, and legally opening your business, you may still need to wait upon a liquor license. Filling out the necessary paperwork won't instantly mean that you will receive approval. However, if your paperwork is in order and you have paid the proper fees, you will eventually receive your license when the waiting period is over.

While you are waiting, try not to be too discouraged. Keep your patrons happy and inform them that in the near future, you will be adding alcohol to your restaurant's menu. Satisfied customers who enjoy spending time at your restaurant will be willing to wait on the alcohol, but once the new beverages are available for purchase, you may see your sales skyrocket.

For more information regarding liquor licenses, contact a consulting company such as Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants.

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