Fire Protection For Your Business

Fire Protection For Your Business

Fire Protection For Your Business

21 August 2020
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Deciding to have a restaurant constructed on your hotel property will be a great asset that may make each guest's stay feel a little more like home. During the construction planning phase, you may be advised to consult with fire protection engineers. These type of engineers will design a fire suppression system that is up to code and can advise you on having other upgrades performed on your property, to minimize the threat of injury to your guests and damage to your property.

What Type Of System Will You Need?

The size and style of the new restaurant, the type of equipment that will be used to prepare and cook food, and the proposed ventilation system that will be installed may affect the recommendation that you receive from a team of fire protection engineers. A dry or a wet pipe sprinkler system, a system that can be activated remotely, a fire hydrant, and alarms are some standard suppression components that can be lifesaving during an emergency.

Many systems are discreetly installed and will be connected before many of the finishing steps for your restaurant are complete, including the addition of the ceiling tiles, light fixtures, and wall paneling. You can ask for a particular system design or one that will be adequate for your budget, so be open to communicating your concerns or design strategies, during your meeting with an engineering team.

Are Other Items Up To Code?

Some people tend to think that changing out batteries in smoke detectors or having fire hydrants replaced when needed are the only things necessary to prevent fires. Unfortunately, bad wiring, an improperly maintained or damaged fire suppression system, or negligence all take a part in posing a threat to an existing business.

If you haven't had your building inspected lately or if you bought the hotel as a secondhand business and upgrades have not been performed since you have become the owner, a team of fire protection engineers will perform a walkthrough, which will involve inspecting common areas and guest rooms.

You can also receive some tips, which will help you and your staff members respond to an emergency in a timely manner. Just having an evacuation plan in place and clearly marked exits can be lifesaving and will make each of your guests feel more secure. When people know what to do in the case of an emergency, they tend to remain calmer, and this can minimize or prevent damages and injuries.     

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