3 Reasons Why Divorce Mediation Often Results In A Better Experience Sharing Custody With Your Spouse After The Divorce

3 Reasons Why Divorce Mediation Often Results In A Better Experience Sharing Custody With Your Spouse After The Divorce

3 Reasons Why Divorce Mediation Often Results In A Better Experience Sharing Custody With Your Spouse After The Divorce

22 October 2020
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Sharing child custody after a divorce is often difficult for both the children and the ex-spouses. One spouse may be unhappy with the arrangement, and disagreements can sometimes arise. One way that you can make life after divorce easier for your children is to try divorce mediation instead of immediately going to court.

During divorce mediation, you and your spouse will sit down with a mediator that helps you come up with a divorce agreement yourselves. Read on to learn three reasons why this can be helpful to help improve the shared custody situation after your divorce.

1. Mediation Allows You to Negotiate a Custody Agreement You're Both Comfortable With

One of the major downsides of going to court for your divorce is that the judge will have the final say on everything. That includes the custody arrangement you share between you after the divorce is finalized. You may not end up with an outcome that's favorable to you or your children.

The purpose of mediation is to have both partners in the marriage express their interests about what they'd like their lives to look like after the divorce. Any disagreements can be ironed out during the mediation process, and the mediation process does not finish unless you and your spouse both agree to the mediation terms. If you truly can't agree on a custody arrangement, then court is always an option. However, mediation gives you a better chance of finding a custody agreement that you're both comfortable with.

2. Court Battles Are More Likely to Cause Resentment Afterwards

Another downside of using the court system is that the attorneys in the divorce case are both trying their best to win. After all, that's what you're paying your attorney to do — they will frame you in the best light during the case while trying to make your spouse look bad. Unfortunately, this can lead to resentment during a hard-fought divorce case.

Mediators aren't allowed to give advice that's in the interest of either spouse, and they aren't allowed to take sides. It's a less combative environment, which tends to result in both parties in the divorce feeling more amicable towards each other after mediation ends. When you're sharing custody with your ex-spouse, it's beneficial for you to not hold any resentments.

3. Mediation Can Act as a Trial Run for Sharing Custody

During the mediation process, you'll have to work together with your spouse in order to come to an agreement that you're both comfortable with. After the divorce, you'll still need these skills — you'll undoubtedly run into conflicts regarding sharing custody that need to be resolved peaceably. In this way, divorce mediation can help you prepare for a future of sharing custody with your ex-spouse.

Overall, attempting divorce mediation before going to court is often the better option for the children in your marriage. You're more likely to be amicable towards each other afterwards, and you'll develop the skills you need to manage shared custody successfully. If you think that divorce mediation would be a good option for you, find a divorce mediator in your area and ask your spouse to give it a try before heading to court.

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