3 Reasons Why Divorce Mediation Often Results In A Better Experience Sharing Custody With Your Spouse After The Divorce

22 October 2020
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Sharing child custody after a divorce is often difficult for both the children and the ex-spouses. One spouse may be unhappy with the arrangement, and disagreements can sometimes arise. One way that you can make life after divorce easier for your children is to try divorce mediation instead of immediately going to court. During divorce mediation, you and your spouse will sit down with a mediator that helps you come up with a divorce agreement yourselves.
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Fire Protection For Your Business

21 August 2020
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Deciding to have a restaurant constructed on your hotel property will be a great asset that may make each guest's stay feel a little more like home. During the construction planning phase, you may be advised to consult with fire protection engineers. These type of engineers will design a fire suppression system that is up to code and can advise you on having other upgrades performed on your property, to minimize the threat of injury to your guests and damage to your property.
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3 Major Benefits Of Working With A Staffing Agency When Searching For Talent

28 April 2020
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No matter what type of business you have, the employees are the cogs that keep operations running smoothly. It can be hard finding good help sometimes, but it doesn't have to be if you work with a professional staffing agency. They can help your company in the following ways.  Cut Hiring Costs Hiring employees isn't always a cheap process. There are a lot of costs involved, including ads, recruiting, and screening.
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