Are You Getting What You Need Out Of Your Telecom System? 3 Reasons You Need A Contingency Based Telecom Audit

10 January 2018
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When it comes to running a business, you can't afford to waste money. Unfortunately, it's all to easy to waste money without even realizing it, especially when it comes to the services you're paying for. In some cases, such as your telecom and datacom services, you could be wasting money on a daily basis. That's why it's crucial that you arrange to have an audit of your telecom services. An independent audit of your telecom system will help you identify areas where you could be saving money.
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Four Truths All Startups In Large Cities Need To Know

8 December 2017
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On one hand, companies luck out being immediately located in a big city. A large city means more possible investors, more people in the field of the startup, and more events to allow for marketing. On the other hand, startups may not be able to afford things like business space and new employees given the high cost of the new city. As a consultant for startups, here are four truths that you will need to lay on all startups in large cities.
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Building Your Own Restaurant? Factors To Consider

5 December 2017
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When you have decided to open your own restaurant and that you want to build your restaurant building from scratch, you will have many decisions to make as you go through the process. While it can be easy to focus on the decor, the food, and the other basics of the restaurant itself, there are also many building-related decisions that you will need to carefully make in order for your restaurant to be a success.
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Three Things To Know About Using HR Consultants

29 November 2017
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Making sure that your business is running as smoothly as possible can be difficult if you are lacking the relevant training and experience for managing the logistical and personnel matters. To help you with meeting these requirements, it can be useful to retain an HR consultant. How Can Human Resource Consulting Help Small Businesses? One of the key ways that a human resource consultant can help your business is through providing you with a streamlined process of meeting your human resources needs.
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Three Tips To Effectively Implement Incentive Compensation Strategies At Your Business

22 November 2017
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Incentive-based compensation strategies are gaining in popularity with employers. Instead of paying employees a flat rate salary, the employees are paid based on their performance. Properly implementing incentive-based compensation strategies within your business can be a win-win for both you and your employees. It gives your employees something to work hard at and achieve and it helps to boost productivity, efficiency and sales for your business. But improperly implementing these strategies can be a motivation buster or even cause employees to leave your company.
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